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  1. My favorite during this past semester was the logo project. I liked that it was more of an artistic project that made me really think about my project. It allowed me to think of all the possible ways my topic could be recognized and I enjoyed working on illustrator. This particular adobe program was the easiest for me to get the hang of which is why this project was my favorite.pastedImage
  2. The major skill I learned throughout this class is communication skills. I have never been the type to like public speaking or being the center of attention so making these projects and having them be reviewed by peers, helped me a lot in being comfortable in what I am saying and I feel that I am getting better at public speaking.
  1. I see myself working in some HR field and this class helped me go in that direction in learning how to talk and present myself in front of other people.  I still do not know exactly what I want to do, but I would really enjoy working with people in group environments and bouncing ideas off each other. I work best in those types of environments.
  2. Although I do not like it, I wish there were opportunities to present some sort of project to either the class or the professor so we can get real life experience rather than from the computer.
  3. I did not really seek out an references throughout this class. I, for the most part came up with my ideas by myself. Throughout the years I have probably had some sort of inspiration from seeing something like the news or certain commercials, but nothing in particular gave me inspiration for my projects.
  4. I was initially scared for this class and did not think I could handle it from what people told me, but I am glad I stuck it out and I really enjoyed it.

Final Video Story


I decided to create an interview as if this were a short clip at a news station. There are some elements of a commercial with the short clips of media and the short clips of interviews to each question. I wanted to make it so there were a range of different stories for people to relate to. Whether there are stories of students who have had issues with finding their professional identity or students who have known their whole life what they wanted to be. Each story is relatable to someone out there. This relates to my project topic by indulging on all the highs and the lows of going through college to find out what you are meant to do in the future.  Some of the design influences I worked off, are news stations that have a visual introduction as well as a narration of what the story is about. I researched many news stations to get a better feel of how the dynamic of transitions and visuals played into the overall structure of the video story. The significance of the elements of design are clips of working professionals who have clearly reached their professional identity. They are the images I wanted to showcase to the audience that resemble where each and every one of these students could be in the future.


Design Process:

  1. Went onto my free trial of Adobe Premier and made a new Project.
  2. Took my previously recorded clips of college students answering my interview questions and imported them to premier.
  3. Went onto Pixabay and found free to use videos to use for the start of my video story.
  4. Imported my voiceover for the introduction I made with the memos app on my phone.
  5. Created a new sequence and began to move the audio onto the tracks.
  6. Selected each piece of media that was recorded and sized it down to fit the scale of the video leaving out any major boarders.
  7. Went through and listened to each clip to make sure they were in the right order and fit each question segment.
  8. Once all recordings and media were set in order, I began to put transitions after almost every clip to create a smooth ending and beginning.
  9. After the main part of the video was finished, I found a piece of music that fit well with the topic of the video and imported it onto the sequence.
  10. In order for the audience to hear the interview questions, I had to decrease the volume of the background music and increase the volume of the audio.
  11. Double checked that all media and audio was in the correct order and exported my media and posted it on YouTube.


To collect all of my visuals, I went onto the Pixabay website and searched for videos relating to my topic.

Goal and strategy: https://pixabay.com/en/videos/business-vision-mission-strategy-863/

Screwdriver: https://pixabay.com/en/videos/screwdriver-screw-handyman-repairs-4729/

Clip of people: https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-4974791?language=en&irgwc=1&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=Hans%20Braxmeier%20und%20Simon%20Steinberger%20GbR&utm_source=44814&utm_term=

Office clip: https://pixabay.com/en/videos/office-secretary-business-work-7269/



When designing my final video story, I came across one key challenge. Finding enough people to interview. There were issues of this in the last post and it just keeps presenting itself. I had three total interviewees but unfortunately the last video was not uploading so I had to settle with two that had two different perspectives. I was not able to have as many interviewees as I wanted and due to that I had to fill in more space with free to use visuals. Other than that, one challenge, the only other one I ran into was that I could not film these clips on my own due to the fact that I wanted to showcase real life jobs and I was not able to go somewhere and film what I wanted.

Peer Review Revisions:

After reading through each of my peer’s comments on my draft post, I realized that my draft was not up to par with the rest of the posts. I was advised to increase the volume to ensure that each clip is the same. I also was advised to add background music to the story so there were no silent parts. I knew all these things must be done and I commented on that in my draft post but hearing t from others, made me more certain that these things needed to be done.

Draft Video Story



I decided to create an interview as if on a news station with college students who have gone through the steps to find their professional identity. Apart from those who have succeeded, I also plan on interviewing students who are struggling to find their passion. This relates to my project topic by indulging on all the highs and the lows of going though college to find out what you are meant to do in the future.  Some of the design influences I worked off of, are news stations that have a visual introduction as well as a narration of what the story is about. I researched many news stations to get a better feel of how the dynamic of transitions and visuals played into the overall structure of the video story. The significance of the elements of design are that each are related to the feel of not knowing or just figuring out your life and career path. From the downward spiral of each layer of knowledge to the repeated question marks.

Design Process:

  1. Downloaded my free trail of Adobe Premier and opened a new project.
  2. Imported my previous clips of interviewing a college student.
  3. Used my memos app to record myself asking the interview questions and introduction.
  4. Imported each memo after creating a new sequence.
  5. Searched for free to use images/videos on pixabay and imported them to Premier.
  6. Transported each import onto the main sequence.
  7. Found out the order of the clips by listening to them one by one.
  8. Selected each image separately to use image effects to center and zoom into the visuals so there are no boarders and it fits the frame.
  9. Added transitions from audio recordings to visuals.
  10. Listed to the whole video story to double check any additional silences.
  11. Exported final story and uploaded to youtube to post on blog.

To collect my visuals, I searched on the pixabay website where all images and videos are free to use for commercial use.

Introduction: https://pixabay.com/en/videos/looped-pyramid-triangle-symbol-1357/


Question mark visual: https://pixabay.com/en/videos/question-mark-question-characters-545/


“What’s Next”: https://pixabay.com/en/board-school-immediately-soon-1647323/



While constructing my video story, I came across a couple of challenges that I did not face in previous units. It was extremely hard to transport my videos and audio recordings to premier pro. Some media content was not suited for the app, so I had to find alternative ways to get my media to premier. Once I finally was able to get all my visuals and interview questions settled, I ran into the problem of not being able to find music for the background of the video story. The last challenge I faced was the fact that I did not leave enough time to have more than one person answer my interview questions. It made me have to adapt to make something in the mean time while I gather the rest of the media for the final.

My vision for the final video story is a unique introduction video rather than one from online. I plan to gather all interviewees into one place to show the diversity of career paths. It adds a personal tough to the start. I then wanted to ask each question and have small answers from each person rather than one long answer. I will go back and forth with that method for each question. I will also have background music so there are not any silent spaces.

Video Story Raw Footage

Sample Storyboard: Finding Your Professional Identity

Visual Elements Audio Elements
0:00-0:15  Introduction of finding your professional identity and explaining the interviews that will be held. Voiceover of image portraying the search for your professional identity.
0:15-0:45  Interviewer (Me) asking if Morgan (interviewee) has always known what she wanted to be or if she struggled to find her professional identity. Interviewing Morgan who is a junior at WSU.
0:45-1:15  Interviewer (Me) asking Morgan (interviewee) what her influences were in her life that helped her make her decision. Interviewing Morgan who is a junior at WSU.
1:15-1:45  Interviewer (Me) asking Morgan (interviewee) what advice she has for others who are still figuring out who and what they want to be. Interviewing Morgan who is a junior at WSU.
1:15-1:45  Conclusion wit credits and fade out image and audio Credits and audio fade out to black



Audio Story Final



I created a podcast of some sort that focuses on interviewing college students who have either found their professional identities or are still searching and in need of advice. The goal of this podcast is to interview a wide range of people each week that have different stories varying all the way from how they decided on a major and where they hope it takes them, to students who are clueless on what to do. This is in hopes of reaching out to a broad audience of students. Although this interview only had one perspective, in the future, more will be added to create a more realistic podcast.


When deciding on a story to tell for this unit, I wanted to be sure I created something that everyone has experienced. Finding your professional identity is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever be making. I chose to interview a college student because this is the time when you really get to know yourself and what you will be wanting to do for the rest of your life. I did not get any ideas from outside sources, I just went along with the idea of what a podcast was in my mind, which is a conversation about real life issues and how to overcome them.


When using Adobe Audition, I transported my files I created from using the My Memos app on my phone. I had previously recorded my introduction and questions so I was prepared to ask my interviewee when the time came. I used the same app to record each and every recording. Once I had exported them onto Audition, I created one track that fit together like a puzzle. When adding the tracks in a cohesive order, I had to make sure there were no outside noises distracting from the podcast. I also had to cut out any extra wording that ruined the flow of the audio clip by using the razor selection tool. Once the recordings were clean, added a background track with a dull volume to ensure the voices stood out. In order to do this, I had to use the arches to make the music fade in and out. I had to be sure that no recordings were overlapped and once that was done, I exported the final track and downloaded it to soundcloud.


Throughout the design process, I came across a couple of challenges. The first one being the free to remix music. It took me quite a while to find a piece of music that would not be taken as copyright. I eventually found a track that fit the mood of my topic. The next challenge was that the track was not long enough to span over the whole interview. I decided on pasting the track multiple times to ensure it lasted over the whole one minute and thirty-four seconds. Throughout this whole unit, finding someone to interview has been a challenge. I was originally going to interview an advisor, but the scheduling never worked out and in the end I went with a student, which turned out to be better in the long run due to the timing of finding your professional identity.


The background music was from a free to use site that has no copyright properties. http://freesound.org/people/Erokia/sounds/407552/

Audio Story Draft

In this audio story I was careful to limit the background noise so the story is clear and there are no distractions. The slightest breeze can effect the quality of the audio. I treated this as a draft to get a feel of the story I wanted to portray. I did not add any other sound effects because I wanted this to solely be about the story I was telling. I did not have the ability to add other voices to the track so that is one thing I am going to add next week for the final. I want to make sure there is diversity in the sound so it is not just one voice the whole story. This story is explaining the process of finding my professional identity. I wanted to give the audience a background of why I chose this topic for my project. Although there are no in depth explanations, I wanted to include that I am not alone in this journey, a lot of other students are in this position and I wanted to hear from them and how they are coping. Although this draft is clearly not what the final product will be, it is the basis of what I will be talking about. I do need to add an introduction with either sound effects or music to personalize it. I am going to turn this information and make it into more of an interview story of what it takes to find your professional identity. An idea I have is cutting down the story above and making that my introduction, then transitioning to the interview with someone who has advice for those seeking their own professional identity.